Risk Tolerance — A Paradigm Shift or Only a By-Product of Technology?

Recently, it was announced that LIBOR is going to be taken out of picture from financial markets, 2022 onwards. Let’s understand what is LIBOR and what this transition spells out for us.

What is LIBOR?

Why ESG Investing?

2020, the year of crisis which started with Australian bushfires, an Oil spill in Russia’s Arctic region, North American Wildfires, devastating floods, Spring tornados, Beirut explosion, locust swarms and extended with yearlong COVID-19 pandemic. With all these happenings, it gave a rude awakening to the human about…

Representation of women in the corporate world has seen an uptick over the last few years. While the underrepresentation of women in the workplace is still alarmingly high, the situation has been slowly improving. As per the Women in Workplace 2020 Report, women representation in entry-level roles in corporate America…

The Union Budget 2021–22 was one of the most anticipated and most important budgets of Indian history because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The government did not introduce any new tax or any increase in the tax rates in this budget. The following are some of the changes brought about in…

Finvest - Finance & Investment Club of IIM Trichy

Finance & Investment Club of IIM Trichy

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